Palaiseau Polytechnic School (l'X)

Founded 1794 during the French Revolution. Its main missions are: to prepare students to assume positions of responsibility and leadership in industry, business, government and research, and, to develop the most advanced research. It recruits prestigious and diverse faculty from the academic, research, government and industrial world.

Funding: Public
Grades 2
Languages 1
Divisions 26
Tuition fee per annum
Local currency: EUR
  • Admission details: Ingénieur Polytechnicien curriculum: Competitive entrance examination following 2-3 yrs university level studies in Sciences after secondary school certificate (baccalauréat), or equivalent. Master of Science: Students must hold a Bachelor's degree, PhD programme: students must hold a Master of Science by Research degree and obtain prior approval of a thesis director and of the director of host laboratory
সংক্ষিপ্ত অনলাইন কোর্স 16
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